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КИРИЛА КОРЕКТ 10+ Домашен Лиценз

КИРИЛА КОРЕКТ 10+ Домашен Лиценз

Цена без ДДС: 20.00лв.
Цена с ДДС: 24.00лв.
Office Home and Business 2016 32-bit/x64 English Eurozone Medialess

Office Home and Business 2016 32-bit/x64 English Eurozone Medialess

Цена без ДДС: 378.00лв.
Цена с ДДС: 453.60лв.
ABBYY FineReader 14 Standard / standalone / ESD

ABBYY FineReader 14 Standard / standalone / ESD

Цена без ДДС: 325.00лв.
Цена с ДДС: 390.00лв.


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KODAK Scanner Truper 3610-EU

With the new Kodak Truper Series Scanners, two models are available to meet your scanning needs: a rotary-only model, the Truper 3610 Scanner and for fragile, bound or odd sized documents a flatbed plus rotary model, the Truper 3210 Scanner. In addition to outstanding scanning technology and bundled feature sets – including VRS Professional – Truper Scanners provide very long document scanning support. Users can convert very long documents like electrocardiogram (ECG) strips into digitized images, which are automatically rendered into image segments.
Цена без ДДС: 9 786.00лв.
Цена с ДДС: 11 743.20лв.

KODAK i3400

The Kodak i3000 Series Scanners are purpose-built to deliver consistent throughput and minimize downtime for your office. They’re loaded with impressive imaging functionality for onboarding of information, and Intelligent Document Protection to defend against damaged documents and lost data. These A3 rotary scanners can take on virtually any challenge while taking up less space on your desk– making them the perfect fit for any business that doesn’t have a second to waste.
Цена без ДДС: 9 770.22лв.
Цена с ДДС: 11 724.26лв.

KODAK i1420

Kodak i1420 Kodak's A3 duplex model i1420 offers speeds up to 60 sheets per minute scanning A4 documents in landscape. The i1440 duplex model is even faster with up to 75 sheets per minute. 3D ultrasonic multi-feed detection is standard on all models to ensure that documents are separated properly when scanned. Each camera (one for each side) is equipped with two lamps to minimize shades caused by folds and dust. Kodak's Perfect Page and iThresholding technologies provide high image quality.
Цена без ДДС: 8 782.44лв.
Цена с ДДС: 10 538.93лв.

Fujitsu fi-6770

Fujitsu fi-6770, A3, Low Volume Production Scanner, Duplex, 45,000 scans per day, 90ppm B&W, 90ppm colour, (Landscape) SCSI 50way&USB2 connection, max 600dpi, ADF 200 sheets, OEM VRS Pro (SW) included VRS Professional, Adobe® Acrobat®, Quickscan Pro Demo, Image Processing Software
Цена без ДДС: 17 018.78лв.
Цена с ДДС: 20 422.54лв.

KODAK i3200

KODAK i3200, A3, duplex, 100ipm, color, USB 2.0, ultrazvuk, DDZ 15.000 Dual CCD, Dual LED Fully supported by Kodak Capture Pro Software and Kodak Asset Management Software; Bundled TWAIN, ISIS, and WIA drivers; Kodak Capture Desktop Software; Smart Touch (Linux SANE and TWAIN drivers available from www.kodak.com/go/scanonlinux)
Цена без ДДС: 6 836.22лв.
Цена с ДДС: 8 203.46лв.

KODAK i1405

The KODAK i1405 Scanner is a strong contender in the departmental scanning segment. It will replace both i150 and i160 models with just one duplex scanner which is Kodak's most affordable ADF scanner with the capability to scan documents up to DIN A3. The scanning speed it up to 45ppm (landscape) for bitonal, greyscale or colour output. PerfectPage image processing provides high image output quality, including background color smoothing, improved color accuracy, automatic color detection and much more. The i1405 Scanner features Kodak’s Smart Touch Technology to scan to email, file, print, and upload images directly to Microsoft SharePoint or to other desktop locations. The new driver interface of the i1400 Series Scanners is Windows 7 compatible.
Цена без ДДС: 6 826.44лв.
Цена с ДДС: 8 191.73лв.

Fujitsu fi-6010N

Multi Language Network Communications Scanner, Duplex, 1,000 scans per day, 25ppm B&W, 25ppm colour, 10/100 BaseT connection, max 600dpi, ADF 50 sheets.
Цена без ДДС: 6 236.31лв.
Цена с ДДС: 7 483.57лв.

Full license C4D Studio R17

Продукт: Cinema 4D Studio Release 17
Версия: 15
Платформа: Multiple Platforms
Език: International English
Тип лиценз: Нов
Потребители: 1бр.
Вид доставка: Даунлоуд

Цена без ДДС: 5 868.00лв.
Цена с ДДС: 7 041.60лв.

FUJITSU Scanner fi-5530C2

Fujitsu fi-5530C2, A3, Desktop Workgroup Scanner, Duplex, 5,000 scans per day, 35ppm B&W, 35ppm colour, SCSI 50way & USB2 connection, max 600dpi, ADF 100 sheets, OEM VRS Pro included
Цена без ДДС: 5 860.72лв.
Цена с ДДС: 7 032.86лв.

Panasonic KV-S5055C

Panasonic KV-S5055C With the KV-S5055C, Panasonic offers a reliable and compact DIN A3 device in the departmental scanner segment. The duplex scanner processes up to 70 sheets per minutes in colour, greyscale or monochrome (DIN A4, portrait, 200dpi). The large ADF and can hold up to 200 sheets (75 g/m2) which can be set in centre, left, or right alignment. KV-S5055C is equipped with ultrasonic multi-feed detection to further secure reliable batch scanning. Should a scan operation stop due to the detection of double-feeding, simply press the DFS key to resume scanning. This is convenient when you don't want scanning to stop due to documents with things like receipts or sticky notes attached, or envelopes. Innovative self cleaning functions remove paper dust from the scanning glass during the scanning process; this ensures consistent high image quality. An optional A4 flatbed KV-SS080 can be attached directly to the PC’s USB port. By selectively using the KV-S5055C and the optional KV-SS080, you can easily scan bound documents and booklets, and save them in the same document.
Цена без ДДС: 5 548.00лв.
Цена с ДДС: 6 657.60лв.
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